I am a Dentist, Digital Media Executive, Airbnb Superhost and a bit more.


In 2006, Walid founded LBC Official Fan Club, the first and largest fan club offering LBC viewers and fans a full coverage for the channel’s programs and alumni.

Spending his childhood watching International TV stations, Walid grew up with a passion in the media field. He was a Majid magazine reporter at 10 years old but he chose Dentistry as a future career.

Besides his Dentistry studies, Walid did not give up his media passion as he had his first online radio show “Allama” on LBC Official Fan Club in Ramadan 2007. A weekly magazine that incorporates celebrity news, songs, dedications and exclusive interviews with the Arab and International singers and celebrities.

From his wide vision, Walid helps by giving key ideas and suggestions for various TV shows such as Star Academy Arabia.

The Lebanese recording artist Dominique Hourani chose Walid to create and manage her online platform. With a series of successes she appointed him as Media Manager and Consultant.

On the other hand, Walid founded Shoof Libya in 2011, a NGO that aims to raise awareness among Libyans and fight the various negative social practices to ensure the best for a new Libya. And launched “Shoof Wein” campaign to help find the missing during the revolution using digital media technology.

In 2013, Walid successfully completed his Dental studies with a Bachelors Degree of Dental Surgery, and is currently a Dentist with more than 4 years of experience.

In the past years Walid travelled the world and made some of the best places to stay available on Airbnb as a Superhost.

When not working, Walid looks out for a new field of work he is interested in.

There is always a new challenge and no work is hard when you follow your dreams.